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Oregon Cannabis Authority

Eugene, OR

Unique craft cannabis

The OCA Experience

We are family, dedicated to conscientiously and ethically producing the cleanest, highest quality, craft cannabis we can. And at an affordable price for our end consumers. To that end we spend countless hours breeding and developing unique in-house cultivars not generally found elsewhere. Our focus is on the experience our flower generates so that we may find ways to enhance lifestyles.


owner, Chief Operating Officer CrystAL




owner, grower rick


Facilities manager Daniel


Gardener, weekend warrior lucas

The individuality of each cultivar becomes apparent when grown side by side.


We specialize mostly in Sativa strains. As a very active group, we prefer the uplifting physical and mental experience a good Sativa provides. However, we do recognize that sometimes it is desirable to slow down and unwind a bit. With that in mind we have also developed a few Indica strains as well.

Premium Sativa Dominant



OCA Genetics: Boderliner (a landrace strain from Brazil) x Gorilla Glue 4. Very resinous with a sweet maple pancake nose, Magellan is in high demand. Very energetic, productive, long lasting effects are perfect for any active occasion. Enhances creativity.



Our cross of 2 prominent strains, Train Wreck x Super Silver Haze. Seriously dense, Silver Train is very uplifting with a sweet lemon and spicy pine aroma. Many users claim Silver Train has a very noticeable arousal effect.



OCA Genetics: Purple Urkle x Super Silver Haze x OG Kush x Durban Poison. The genetics are legendary. Very energizing, with a serious appetite boost.


Pinot green

OCA Genetics: AK47 x White Widow. Pinot Green is in a class all by itself. It’s pungent aroma runs the gamut of hops, earthy, pine and mint. A great choice for most creative activities and especially delightful in social settings.



A mysterious and rare landrace strain from deep within the Amazon of Brazil. It has one of the more unusual noses consisting of hops, lavender, and pine. Borderliner has paternal ties to Magellan as well as Panichello Haze. A true Sativa with very energetic effects.


Godhead Green

OCA Genetics: Pinot Green x Silver Train. Godhead Green pulled from deep within the lineage of Pinot Green and Silver Train to produce a dense, fragrant sativa with just a hint of indica from the Trainwreck line. Light and energetic effects make this a great choice for all daytime activities.


panichello haze

OCA Genetics: Borderliner x Silver Train. The scent of native cannabis from Borderliner combines with the undertones of sweet earthiness to deliver a classic euphoria and the focus plus creative spark that is the hallmark of a true sativa.


dawg bomb

OCA Genetics: Chemdawg x THC Bomb. We took Chemdawg, added some serious punch from THC Bomb, and ended up with a strong, skunky sativa that hits like a ton of bricks. Flavors of bubble hash, pine, musk, and lemon arrive on the palate.




OCA Genetics: Silver Train x Gorilla Glue 4. A heavy hitting strain, SideTracked is a very resinous hybrid combining both a head and body high. Musky and skunky with a robust hash aftertaste. There is a noticeable distractive effect, hence the name SideTracked.

Indica Dominant


gdp cookies

Our cross between Granddaddy Purple and an award winning Bay Area Platinum Cookies. Lush purple flowers with a deep earthy skunk aroma, it is a potent addition to any low key activities. Favored by many connoisseurs, GDP Cookies is a crowd favorite.

OCA Gold copy.JPG

OCA Gold

Our cross between Afghani x Hindu Kush. OCA Gold is a specialty cultivar favored by many for its reputed medical benefits. Users have noted it provides them serious pain relief and is also alleged to help with insomnia. The taste is quite smooth, and the effects are totally body. Almost like it creates a disconnect between brain and body.


kashmir kush

Heriloom Indian/Afghani Kush x California OG. Kashmir Kush is a distinctly exotic strain. A strong pine and fuel nose. Kashmir Kush is resinous and rich. A true indica, this is a smoke to evaporate stress and tension.


respect natiure

Soil, Fresh Air, Organic Nutrients, and Nematodes?

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When we designed our indoor facility, we wanted to stay as true to nature as possible. Our growing medium consists of Coconut Coir Fiber, Peat Moss, Pumice, Perlite, Worm Castings, Compost, Aged Forest Humus, Natural Limestone, Fish Bone Meal, Feather Meal, Blood Meal, Ground Oyster Shell, Alfalfa Meal, and Kelp Meal. We grow in re-usable 20 gallon Smart Pots that allow for large natural root development.

Our rooms are continuously refreshed with outside air. We do not need large, energy consuming HVAC systems. Nor do we create unnatural environments of CO2. Our room conditions are as close to nature as possible with the exception of our growing lights (well, we ARE indoors…).

We use only nutrients that are derived from organic sources. We care what we put into our bodies. Our raw water, direct from our well, is used to make teas for feeding. We pay close attention to the plants nutritional needs and supplement the soil only as necessary. A lengthy flush at the end of flowering ensures a clean, terpene rich flower.

Last but not least, our organic approach requires extensive measures to prevent problems common within indoor facilities. Bleach footbaths, clean rooms, HEPA filtered air intakes, and sterile coveralls help keep pests away. The addition of nature’s own biologics, nematodes, to our growing medium ensures a happy, healthy environment for our plants to thrive

Some of my finest hours have been spent on my back veranda, smoking hemp and observing as far as my eye can see.
— Thomas Jefferson
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