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Silver Train


Our exclusive cross of 2 very prominent strains, Train Wreck and Super Silver Haze.  Very resinous with a highly recognizable sweet lemon and spicy pine aroma, known to Train Wreck aficionados.  Uplifting and euphoric.  Ridiculously dense.  Many users claim Silver Train has a very noticeable arousal effect that leads to happy moments.*

*These claims have not yet been confirmed or approved by the FDA  :)

Cirrus  (seerus)

Cirrus  Indica 25% | Sativa 75%

Cirrus  Indica 25% | Sativa 75%

Cirrus is our very special phenotype of Ken Estes' (creator of Granddaddy Purp) Candyland #8 strain that has been meticulously cultivated for many generations.  Golden hairs weave through a thick coat of trichomes and highlight the compact, purple flowers derived from it's Granddaddy Purple heritage.  It is a very unique flower with a strong THC potency and a deep earthy skunk aroma.  Great for social events.

Kashmir Kush

Kashmir Kush.JPG

Heirloom Indian/Afghani Kush x California OG, our Kashmir Kush is a distinctly exotic strain. The nose is a knockout with loud pine and fuel and the flavor is equally piney and tart. Resinous and rich, Kashmir Kush puts the "stank" in dank!  This is definitely not your average flower.

Pinot Green

Pinot Green Indica 25% | Sativa 75%

Pinot Green Indica 25% | Sativa 75%

Pinot Green is a very special strain.  Bred from an original AK47 and crossed with an award winning White Widow, Pinot Green is in a class all by itself.  Sporting a tremendous terpene load (4+%), it has delightful fruity taste along with a substantial THC potency.  It has become one of our favorites!  

OCA Gold

OCA Gold  Indica 90% | Sativa 10%

OCA Gold  Indica 90% | Sativa 10%

OCA Gold has an awesome taste and is mostly indica. We say try this strain for many reasons, most of all if you have trouble sleeping.  It has quickly developed a strong following due to it's intense body high.  Great for all muscular aches and pains, or if you just want to relax (as in sit down and melt).

OCA Gold has a refined sweet, fruity hashish taste and an extremely potent physical effect. This is the best insomnia remedy available in our collection. An excellent strain to use for medical reasons. 



OCA's Cloud 9 x Gorilla Glue #4.  A delicious Strawberry aroma becomes evident on the nose.  Magellan has an incredible taste.  It is in high demand!



Silver Train x Gorilla Glue #4.  Need I say more?  Huge dense nugs, this pheno has everyone here salivating!